In Hindu philosophy, Shiva's cosmic dance represents the whirling flow that is the dynamic tension and change of the universe. This concept is present equally in the galactic as it is in every cellular process. I experience this dynamic tension most keenly while gardening and observing plants grow and change throughout the seasons, where contemplating nature's process of birth, death and rebirth inspires my artistic practice. The corporeal garden becomes a metaphorical space where I gather visual imagery and feel a sense of the sacred. Its history as a mythical space of earthly paradise and pleasure inform my thoughts, particularly the way the garden intermingles with culture and is a place for fantasies and fecundity.

Without directly illustrating the garden, the paintings embody its themes. The colorful surfaces of diaphanous layers give the sensation of being under water or in a densely humid midst. These sensuous and fluid atmospheres develop through many layers of translucent paint that co-mingle with small motifs. The motifs are covered over with more layers to suggest a deep space and pregnant air. Abstract shapes of plants and cells pierce and exert themselves gently to the foreground, while others remain dormant and hidden. Desire becomes the evolutionary impetus for the growth, illuminating renewal and possibilities. Feelings of tranquility are explored as a way to find balance and rest within the incessant movement. The final image then becomes a kinetic yet still embodiment of this painting process.